When it comes to search engine optimization, relevant, well-written, and optimized content is king! The more you have, the better for search engine rankings and for getting potential clients to actually contact you.

In most, practically all, cases, clients need to add additional content to their web property. This is usually necessary in order to increase the relevancy of content to both search engines as well as human visitors. This content development service adds net new content to a web property and increases the overall size of the website. Marketing by Dyonne will secure a copywriter on your behalf and then:

  • conduct research to determine subject matter/topics of new content pages;
  • research keywords;
  • add title tags, descriptions, meta-keywords to content;
  • ensure proper keyword density within content;
  • add/edit headers/header tags (H1/H2/H3);
  • and edit grammar and sentence structure as necessary.

If you’re ready to move forward or have more questions, call Marketing by Dyonne or complete the marketing services request form.