Are you miffed when others start talking about the ROI generated from online marketing? If so, then it’s likely time that you took a few moments to truly understand search engine marketing and optimization and how it relates to getting your business “found” online.

Marketing that gets you found where your customers are looking

person using mouse and keyboard for web searchThe results that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo return for a particular internet search are in no way random or lucky guesses. Every search result returned by these sources – whether organic/natural, paid, or local – are deliberately based on what an individual is searching for and the websites deemed relevant to that search.

Enter, search engine marketing (SEM)…

Optimizing your website and other web properties to be found – i.e. search engine optimization (SEO) – requires a solid, well planned and properly executed strategy that continues to evolve over time.

This is why working with skilled SEO professionals, like Marketing by Dyonne, is essential to the success of your internet marketing strategy.

Build A Solid Web Presence

rock formation for rock solid marketing

We show you where to start…

We start with an in-depth Website/Web Footprint Analysis of your current internet presence.  This analysis will be the foundation to develop and, if desired, execute a detailed web marketing strategy to support your overall business goals.

We do it for you…

Regardless of your marketing budget, we know that getting the marketing services you pay for is top priority. Thus, keeping clients updated on progress; meeting deadlines; tracking performance and ROI; and offering industry documentation on SEO practices are steps we take to ensure that clients understand the work being performed on their behalf and feel at ease about their investment. And if that isn’t enough, just ask. Responsiveness is another priority.

We educate you and your staff along the way…

Our goal is to empower you so that you are increasingly happy with the business you are growing. To that end, we go into as much detail as you like to ensure you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. Whether you work with Marketing by Dyonne for a month, a year or a few years, you will become more confident in your own marketing ability.

It’s  up to you when you want to cut the marketing cord and up to Marketing by Dyonne to support you every step of the way.

Have questions or want to get started?

 Give us a call or complete the marketing request form and we’ll contact you.